Peace Be With You

...a retreat for bereaved parents

The George Anderson Bereaved Parent Retreat will be for anyone who has suffered through the loss of a child, especially the newly bereaved.

It will be a place to emotionally recharge in a compassionate and understanding atmosphere with professional bereavement counselors that can better help people cope with their loss.

I am asking for your help to make my dream of building a retreat for bereaved parents.


My name is James O'Reilly, founder of Peace be With You. Through your donations and/or a purchase of a print of Jesus Christ will allow us to build the retreat for bereaved parents. As you know there is nothing that can prepare your heart from the loss of a child. This retreat will be for anyone who has gone through such a loss.

My Colin

If it were not for my son Colin the painting of Jesus Christ would have never come about. For my own selfish reasons, I wish it never did.

For all of us our journeys started on a particular day that we will never forget. Mine started on September 18, 1992. Life as I knew it was going to change forever. My eight-year old son, Colin, was in Saint Johns hospital being treated for Leukemia. If youve ever spent much time in a hospital room you know that there is not much to do except read or watch TV. One evening I was sitting on the edge of the bed flicking through the TV channels and a show came on about a man named George Anderson and his abilities as a medium. What is a medium? I thought. The show was like nothing I had ever watched before. Here was a man, George Anderson, talking to dead people. It was pretty amazing and an entertaining show. Once it ended I never gave it any more thought.